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Friday, December 19, 2008

It has been a really long time since my last post...I think I have been way too distracted by life, facebook, work and other random tangents. Anyway, it is snowing a ridiculous amount right now. My day started with a sketchy but safe drive to work. Then after a mere 3 hours there, my staff sends me home. I was elated and packed up my stuff and merrily got into my car.

I drove slowly but carefully home only to have to turn back as the residential areas were not plowed yet....In fact there were a few cars stuck and I would not be able to get past them. So I went back to work and got a ride home with a friend with a 4 wheel drive and determination.

So my poor car is at work, hanging out while I am cozy at home. I will be back tomorrow to get her so it is not so bad. Just in case, I did pick up a car shovel :)

Monday, March 26, 2007

So Saturday night was the night of my grad formal. I got my hair cut, got into my beautiful dress, and had my make up on when disaster struck: The building where our ball was to be hosted was on FIRE!!! in fact part of downtown lost power due to this (including Anna's house :( )

So our grad ball was cancelled but we were not going to let that affect our night. I coordinated a nice dinner for my 30 closest friends and most of the class came dancing at the same club afterwards. Everyone wore their dresses and suits.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I matched to Paeds!!!



Family Medicine11.8%4

Emergency Medicine5.9%2

total votes: 34
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Thanks to everyone who filled out the survey :)

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Well this year has been full of final rotations in my last year of medical school and applying for residency. After shuttling back and forth for electives from Vancouver to Halifax and random spots in between, I sat down to apply to residency programs.

I was a little over zealous and applied to numerous programs across four provinces and three specialties. The past two weeks have been hectic to say the least as I traveled across the country interviewing for these residency programs. I flew from east to west starting in Halifax, and it seemed like I was in a different city each day. I have no idea how many flights I took, how many shuttles, how many trains but I do remember the obnoxious woman who took my face cream and toner because the bottle was 120ml not 100.

Interviews were a little crazy but nothing tops off the day when I had four interviews in one day. Of the 17 interviews I was offered I only attended 14 in order to preserve some form of sanity :) Now I am in the sticky situation where I must rank these programs by the beginning of March.

The match is a complicated system: Each programs ranks the individuals that have been interviewed and each applicant must rank the programs as well. All this information is entered into some computer and then on Match Day out spews the results... which is a legally binding contract. Hence each applicant MUST go to program that they are matched to. As such if you do not want to go to a certain place, you do not rank it!

So right now I am making up my mind as to which specialty to rank first and next what city to rank first. In case you have not put in your two cents about which specialty you can vote NOW (ignore Emergency Medicine... I did not apply for that)

As for cities, Vancouver is currently very appealing but am I ready to leave the Ontario-Quebec corridor??

Match Day is late in March, so keep an eye out for an update at the end of March.


Monday, January 01, 2007


So I have taken a long holiday from my blog but I am now back!! The past few months have been filled with nothing but long applications for residency, electives in various cities, and some core rotations in Surgery. Do not do General Surgery again in Fourth year, it sucks the very last drop of energy out of you!

Now the new year begins with a core rotation in Internal Medicine (yecch) then Interviews, then ER/Anesthesia, then Elective....then DONE!!! For all the people who are counting down to CARMS deadlines, interviews, and match day... forget it. Countdown should be to June 6,2007 when we finally officially graduate!!

well, there will be more to come. I start back tomorrow and Kirsten Arrives!!!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Hard to believe I am ¾ of an MD.

And now, DOCH 4 done!!

I have completed our only true four year longitudinal course in medical school!! WAHOO!!

Scary but true. One small step in terms of the real world, but one huge step pour moi!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Stripes are In

As the door opened to the elevator, I was attacked by a little whirlwind of cuteness. My 18-month old neighbour literally attacked me. I was wearing a stripey dress with a cool texture and as she came out of the elevator and she launched herself at my dress. She loved the texture and kept grabbing and touching the hem of my dress. She is soo cute. Her parents were a little mortified at the assault but I was amused. Apparently she loves Stripes!